WT Smith’s Service Sewer and Drain Rooter

Request For Service Form

On each page of my website is a "Request for Service form".  This is essentially an emergency service.  By that I mean, contact me when you are ready for me to come address your problem.  Whether the problem is a clogged pipe or underground pipe location, fill out the service request form.  I will immediately be notified via text and will contact you by phone to access your problem in an effort to insure my service will help.  At that point I will give you an idea of how long it will take me to arrive.

Video Pipe Inspection

I provide video pipe inspections and have for the past 10 years.  Many full service plumbing companies include camera work as part of the marketing funnel.  I discuss that here; $99 drain cleaning specials.  In that event the use of the pipe camera is to convince you to increase the scope of the work while they are present.  I use the pipe camera to inform and am not attempting to convince when or if to have more work performed.

Each time I insert the pipe camera in waste piping there is risk of damage and incremental deterioration that I amortize and for which I charge.  I do not recommend video pipe inspection in most cases but I will recommend it under some conditions.  If I perceive an egregious condition based on the behavior of the rooter machine. Or, if you desire a guarantee that the piping is cleared to your standards.  Or, if there is a reoccurring issue.

My pipe camera has a sonde or transmitter that acts as a beacon.  In the event an issues is discovered I can mark the location using my other locating equipment with the approximate depth.