WT Smith’s Service Sewer and Drain Rooter – Underground Utility Locating

Request For Service Form

On each page of my website is a "Request for Service form".  This is essentially an emergency service.  By that I mean, contact me when you are ready for me to come address your problem.  Whether the problem is a clogged pipe or underground pipe location, fill out the service request form.  I will immediately be notified via text and will contact you by phone to access your problem in an effort to insure my service will help.  At that point I will give you an idea of how long it will take me to arrive.

Underground Utility Locating

Underground Utility Locating in East Tennessee is achieved by following clues such as; the physical geographical terrain characteristics, the exposed termination points and detecting electro-magnetic fields caused by current flow in metallic objects. There is a tendency for the inexperienced and the untrained to follow the locating equipment to the exclusion of all other evidence. This leads to unreliable results similar to finding yourself in the middle of a field having too much trust in GPS navigation directions when driving a car. The Common Ground Alliance CGA has developed CGA Best Practices for Damage Prevention. I have received training as to those best practices.

Call before you dig 811” is a free service where underground utilities are located by their providers. Local utilities or municipal providers typically locate power and natural gas supplies lines. Cable and phone providers sometimes contract with locating companies. Both are responsible for locating in easements with power and natural gas service lines being located to where they are metered.  Underground utilities beyond the meter are typically considered as privately owned and not the responsibility of the providers.  I can help fill in the blanks by using identical technology and many times superior experience and techniques. For example, if you have utilities supplying a boat house or dock and you have a need to know where those underground utilities are due to repairs or expansion, I can help!

I mentioned locating power and gas supplies but there are limitations and what about sewer pipes? It is necessary that the target utility has something following it’s path that allows current flow when detecting electro-magnetic signals. Some pipe material doesn’t conduct current flow such as plastic piping many times used for sewers and natural gas. Natural gas piping is currently required to have a tracer wire buried with plastic piping to assist in locating but sewer piping has no such requirement. Well what is one to do? I use my steel rooter cable as the conductor in a sewer line to determine the pipes path especially if the locating requirement arises from a back-up or blockage issue. Also if there is a suspected damage issue I have a video inspection camera with a sonde or beacon that transmits a signal detectable by my locating receiver. These tools along with my training makes me excellently suited to meet you locating requirements. Please contact me with your locating needs and I will be glad to discuss the scope and limitations of the service I provide.