Sewer, Drain, Rooter, Cleaning, Clog Clearing

Sorry but I don’t know one single term to describe what I do!

Basically my goal is to restore your waste water removal system service, limited to clearing blocked pipes.  There is a school of thought that says if a pipe clogs there is an issue to repair.  If there are roots blocking the pipe something needs repairing and some go so far as to say the pipe needs replacing.  There are circumstances where one or both of those statements are true but not in every case.  It really is a cost/benefit decision.  If you would prefer I clear your waste plumbing pipe periodically rather than spend 5 to 10 times the money all at once, then save my number.  If the issue becomes adequately aggravating I can help identify the scope of the issue and determine it’s location.

$99 drain cleaning specials sound pretty good, right!  Those specials use your misfortune as an opportunity.  A business doesn’t make money at that price.  These specials are more a marketing funnel than a service.  I’ll explain what I mean. For example, you have a blockage and call them to spend $99.  They make the water just go away.  Then they provide a free video inspection showing you something that appears to need repair.  They might be able to sell you general plumbing services increasing the scope of the work.  Now, they make money!  So if they are successful, ideally you spend $1000’s for that $99 drain cleaning special.  I don’t have $99 drain cleaning specials!

I want to provide value for your money.  I try to clear you waste pipes rather than up-sell you another service.  If you desire to know the cause of the blockage, once the pipe is open, I have a video camera system that we can use to investigate further.  Most times that is not my first recommendation.  But, if I perceive an egregious problem, you want a guarantee the pipe is clear to your standards or there is a persistent or reoccurring problem, I will recommend video pipe inspection.

Request For Service Form

On each page of my website is a "Request for Service form".  This is essentially an emergency service.  By that I mean, contact me when you are ready for me to come address your problem.  Whether the problem is a clogged pipe or underground pipe location, fill out the service request form.  I will immediately be notified via text and will contact you by phone to access your problem in an effort to insure my service will help.  At that point I will give you an idea of how long it will take me to arrive.

WT Smith’s Service Sewer and Drain Rooter uses cable and section machines to clear clogs in pipes.  A Jetter has it’s place typically to clear sludge but not my go-to for clogs

section rooter machine