WT Smith's Service Sewerand Drain Rooter Pricing

Request For Service Form

On each page of my website is a "Request for Service form".  This is essentially an emergency service.  By that I mean, contact me when you are ready for me to come address your problem.  Whether the problem is a clogged pipe or underground pipe location, fill out the service request form.  I will immediately be notified via text and will contact you by phone to access your problem in an effort to insure my service will help.  At that point I will give you an idea of how long it will take me to arrive.

WT Smith’s Service Sewer and Drain Rooter – Pricing

I DO NOT have a one size fits all price.  My fees are based on time and effort but to give you realistic expectations, I will iterate some parameters.


By drains I am referring to waste piping 2” and under. If an isolated fixture like a kitchen sink, lavatory, bathtub or shower is draining slow or blocked I’ll start with the least aggressive solution like plunging. If that is successful the fee would likely depend on how far I had to travel but typically under $100. Assuming plunging was unsuccessful and I was successful with a small sink rooter machine the charge will start at $120 and very likely be less than $200. The next choice would be to move up to a section sewer machine. I would only make this option available if I expect success. If all the options I present are unsuccessful I will access a discount of $50 on the calculated bill


By sewers I am referring to 3” and 4” waste piping regardless as to whether it is connected to a septic tank or a city sewer system. The minimum charge is $200 if your issue requires a sewer machine to clear. That charge is also impacted by my travel and accessibility to the sewer pipe. If I am able to probe, locate, practically hand dig and make an opening in the pipe allowing access without coming inside the home, I will do so. Usually the charge would be between $200 and $300 assuming success is accomplished in a timely manner. If locating the sewer pipe outside is not immediately successful, coming inside and removing a commode is the most efficient use of time. To remove and reinstall a commode with new wax ring, water supply line and closet bolts is $100. As stated above, if all the options I present are unsuccessful I will access a discount of $50 on the calculated bill.


Some blockages take longer to clear than others. One hour of my time is included with the equipment charge. Time on site over and hour is charged at $90 per hour. If I perceive egregious problems with clearing a blockage in a sewer pipe and you desire that I explore in an effort to define and locate those issues, those services are available for additional fees.  I do not offer $99 Drain cleaning specials!

After Hours

My hours are 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Jobs performed outside of those hours are subject to an additional after hours charge of 50% of the standard bill.  This would bring the after hours bill to be 150% of the total standard bill. I do not promise to respond outside of these hours.  I do at times accept work in evenings, weekends and holidays at my discretion.

Payment Options

Payment for services is due upon completion of the work. I accept cash, checks as well as debit and credit cards. In general my business is paperless. I use QuickBooks Online and if you are a property owner or the party responsible for the bill and not in the area at the time of the issue, I will email a bill to you and you simply select “review and pay” from that email to remit. If you are a tenant, your landlord must contact me directly prior to my proceeding.