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*******COVID – 19 PRECAUTIONS*******

I am this business and am at high risk due to the nature of the work. I am implementing some changes to my typical methods to protect both of us.  I will make every effort to clear your blockage problem from outside your home.  If it is necessary for me to enter your home, please adhere to social distancing.  I will be wearing a mask and gloves.  I would appreciate you wearing a mask as well.  I will provide you a mask as my supply allows.

I apologize for any inconvenience these terms cause but I MUST STAY WELL!

Request For Service Form

On each page of my website is a "Request for Service form".  This is essentially an emergency service.  By that I mean, contact me when you are ready for me to come address your problem.  Whether the problem is a clogged pipe or underground pipe location, fill out the service request form.  I will immediately be notified via text and will contact you by phone to access your problem in an effort to insure my service will help.  At that point I will give you an idea of how long it will take me to arrive.

WT Smith’s Service Sewer and Drain Rooter – Clog Clearing Services.

I predominately use cable and section rooter machines to clear or clean clogged pipes, drains or sewers.  There are other methods such as water jetters that are effective but do carry risks.  In my opinion the physical cutter method of clearing pipes is the most effective and least detrimental to plumbing systems.

WT Smith’s Service Sewer and Drain Rooter – Video Pipe Inspection.

At times video pipe inspection is recommended when I feel it will give relevant information. WT Smiths’ Service Sewer and Drain Rooter does provide that service with the ability to locate the issue.

WT Smith’s Service Sewer and Drain Rooter – Underground Utility Locating.

Call Before You Dig (811) is a free service provided in an effort to prevent damage to underground utilities.  Typically third party contractors locate communication lines (cable and telephone).  Local utilities locate service lines, electrical conduit and natural gas lines in easements and to where they are metered.  As part of my rooter service many times I have cables in plastic sewer lines and a transmitter to induce a signal on those cables as well as a beacon or sonde equipped camera and a receiver to locate those lines.  I provide locating of underground utilities in areas where 811 service is not responsible.

WT Smith

WT Smith started his plumbing business in the late 1970’s.  In the last few decades he concentrated on providing essentially an emergency service clearing sewer and drain pipes primarily employing rooter machines.  WT has retired.  My name is Jim Foster.  I am WT’s brother-in-law and I intend to continue the business with the same main focus.

I place great importance on customer service.

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